Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How Sweetly We Sweat

Hi Lovelies! Many of you follow me on Facebook and Twitter (and if not, you should;) so you may have seen that a few weeks ago, I was looking for some info to an unofficial survey I was taking! My question was simple--what is your favorite brand of deodorant?

I'm not sure what really started my curiousity in this, but it's something I find we don't really talk about much. Afterall, girls don't "sweat" they "glow"... or whatever. Hahaha. We're always seeing reviews on makeup products, hair products, nail products, etc. but when does anyone ever review deodorant? (I'm sure it does happen, it's just not something I see very frequently.)

I decided that the topic needed to be discussed. Before I get into the results, I thought I'd briefly share with you, my journey to where I am with deodorant now. I was quite the sweater when I was younger. (Sweater? Real word for this context? Meaning: one who sweats?) So I started using it around 9 or 10. My mom bought me Suave because it was cheap, and because honestly I'm not sure she gave much thought as to what kind she should get me.

In sixth grade, we got these bags at school that had a bunch of free samples of stuff for us to try (since we were entering a new stage in our life--Puberty lol). In that bag was a thing of Caribbean Cool Teen Spirit. Oh, this stuff was amaaaazing!! I absolutely loved it! Teen Spirit quickly became my all time favorite deodorant though I'd swap flavors once in a while. I'm pretty sure I used this deodorant well in to my early 20s (because it worked SO GREAT!) 'til I realized that perhaps I was too old for something called "Teen" Spirit. (sidenote, as I was researching for this post, I found out that Caribbean Cool was discontinued. I'm actually quite saddend by this news!)

So since I was older, I ended up moving up to Lady Speed Stick.(since it was made by the same people who did Teen Spirit many of the flavors were actually quite similar!) This stuff was pretty fabulous. Especially their "24/7" line that kept me dry and smelling fresh!:)

I honestly can't tell you when or why I made the switch, but for the past several years now, I've been using Degree. I've used Degree Clear--which promises to not ruin your little black dress (I sometimes would still have some residue, but honestly the stuff was pretty perfect at not getting on my clothes). I've used the Exceptional Scents (this was an especially fun line because it came with a matching body spray. This was perfect for when I was leaving the gym to spritz a little on and have it match my deodorant scent! Genius!:) But most often, I use the Expert Protection (did I mention I sweat? A lot?) It has 24 hour motion sense which means it's activated the more you move (and sweat). And it definitely does last 24 hours! (but not 48. I was on a long road trip once, and didn't reapply my deodorant. Definitely on day two, reapply;) The Expert Protection currently comes in four scents (I think I've tried them all) and the one I'm using now (and love) is Linen Dry.

So! Now that I've babbled on about my journey with deodorant and how much I love Degree, let's see how the results turned out!

Are you surprised at all with the results? What is your favorite Deodorant brand and why?

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