Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Tigi Bed Head Totally Baked

Happy Columbus Day (observed) Lovelies!! I've never understood why (here in America) Columbus Day is seen as a federal holiday and not Flag Day? Like, okay, that's great Columbus discovered us (though.. really, he didn't. I believe Amerigo Vespucci actually discovered America (well, the US); and Columbus with his Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria ended up somewhere in the islands... of course since I'm typing right now, I can't remember.. San... oh screw it, let's see what Google says...Salvador! That's right, San Salvador. Anyway, so not the point of this blog. The point is! I hope you are at a school or job where you get this day off as well to celebrate Columbus and his men making it to the New World!

So today, I have a haircare review for you! (Yay!) Which I really haven't done in a long while. A couple months ago, I got my rewards from Ulta and I had 10 points to use! LOL They're "reward" stuff only goes up to level 6 so I got to pick several things in different categories that added up to ten. (This also means that I probably spent close to or more than $1,000 in the quarter. *sigh* We all know blogging is not the cheapest of hobbies;) So one of the free things I got was Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixation Totally Baked Volumizing and Prepping Hair Meringue.
I don't think I'd ever used any Bed Head products prior to this, so I'm really glad I got to pick it up (for FREE!) to try! It has a pump dispenser that is super easy to use and has it come out in a very light almost fluffy foam:
And p.s. it smells absolutely divine! Kinda like a lemon meringue pie!

So here's what Bed Head has to say about it:
Start your style with this sweet treat! Bed Head Candy Fixations Totally Baked is a super light, creamy formula that provides shape retention to add to the life of a hairstyle. This humidity resistant meringue provides a light hold, giving you weightless motion. Bed Head Candy Fixations Totally Baked gives you a long lasting boost, style and texture.
Bed Head Candy Fixations Totally Baked Assets
  • Formulated to enhance the performance of other style products.
  • Adds volume, providing you no limits!
  • For every hair type and texture.
  • Provides a light hold.
How to use Bed Head Candy Fixations Totally Baked?
Apply to wet hair for long-lasting weightless movement and enhanced performance of other styling products. 

I swear, it lives up to everything it promises! It is so light-weight but provides a strong hold! I have naturally wavy hair, and when I use this through my damp hair, it brings out all the wave and sometimes even adds a little extra curl. There is no crunchiness!! This is probably my favorite part because I feel like sometimes the best strong-hold products make my hair crunchy which I just don't like at all. My hair still feels soft and natural when I use this (and did I mention it smells DELICIOUS!?!:)

After using this product for a couple months now, I would definitely try some of the other Bed Head products. How about your? Have you tried this? Do you prefer gels or mousses for your hair styles?

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