Friday, November 16, 2012

Flashback Friday: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Hello Lovelies! Today's Flashback Friday post will be a little different than most of my other ones. In fact, the only thing really similar is that it's on a Friday. lol:) But I wanted to share some reflections with you and then also share some things that will be happening as we go forward together!

First, some flashback thoughts. I can't even tell you the last day I did a face of full makeup. LOL. Crazy right?? The pregnancy has still kept me pretty tired, so I've found ways to cut my makeup routine in the morning and still look not horribly hideous;) As much as I said the Maybelline BB Cream wasn't *super* impressive; it has pretty much been saving the day for the past few weeks! lol. (that and the amazing pregnancy hormones that have cleaned up any blemish I had on my face and replaced it with a healthy glow;) Some BB Cream and mascara to open up my eyes has basically been all I've been doing lately. Then some days on the weekends, I have "makeup free" days. Not because I'm lazy then, just 'cause I want my face to breathe:) On these days, I just use a plain moisturizer.

Truth be told, though, I'm not sure if it's the hormones that have cleaned up my skin OR if I was experiencing random breakouts because I was wearing TOO MUCH makeup and/or using products that didn't agree with my skin very much! (As much as I love love love the Maybelline Dream Foam foundation, I think it did cause several breakouts around my chin--not sure why.)

Anyway! Speaking of pregnancy! For those of you who may have missed the announcement, I am pregnant (nearly 23 weeks now! omg!) And....
Ah! Kinda crazy! I know a lot of people were hoping I'd have a little girl so I could doll her all up with hair and makeup and nail fun! But the truth is, I'm super excited it's a boy!! I'm a little nervous of how the whole mother/son relationship will develop; but I can't wait to have my house full of Tonka trucks and hot wheels:)

On that note, you may (or may not) have noticed that I'm still keeping a lot of my personal life (like the pregnancy) out of this blog. I know you all read glitter gloss & glaze because I'm so awesome because you love the reviews, the nail art (which p.s. I *know* I need to get back into), the tips and tricks, and everything else I share--not because you want to know the condition of my uterus and how big my boobies are getting lol. That's why I've started another blog for that stuff. You are under *no* obligation to even check out my other blog, but I know some of you are curious as to how things are going so I wanted to at least let you know it existed! It's called Lipgloss and Sippy Cups: a beauty blogger's journey to motherhood (and yes, it's in my sponsor list on my left sidebar--so sweet that I was willing to sponsor myself;) hahaha. It's a super simple layout; nothing fancy; and for now I'm only blogging there once a week (gg&g still gets about three posts a week:)

Lipgloss and Sippy Cups

And a little sneak peak into something else, I may be starting to write as a contributing author at another site, but until all those details are worked out, that's all I'm saying for now!

Love you all! Thanks so much for your un-ending support!

P.S. Okay, so I talked about the new blog and you're probably wondering what (if anything) will change here. I honestly can't say for sure. As of right now, I don't plan to ever completely shut down glitter gloss & glaze, but when Baby gets here, things may shift and I may start posting more on Lipgloss and Sippy Cups than here; but I just can't say for sure. Truth be told, those first few months I probably won't have time to blog at all anywhere! :)

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