Saturday, January 19, 2013

Review: NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection

Hello Lovelies! You know how there are some products that as soon as you buy it you just KNOW you're going to love it?? Then there's other products you're not totally sure about when you buy, but you grow to love them? This product is kinda somewhere in between... when I saw it sitting in Ulta in all its glory, I honestly thought it was going to be my new favorite product! But after nearly a month of use, I'm almost ready to store it away (or re-gift it? lol)

The product I'm talking about is NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection. Let's be honest, who *doesn't* love a smokey eye?? And this palette gives you options!

Classic? Purple? Bronze? Natural? The options are limitless with this grouping of shadows! Mix and match! Create your own looks! Who wouldn't love that?? But wait! There's more!
Don't stop your look with JUST THE EYES! Complete it! Use the bronzer, blush, and highlighter to contour your face! And there's a hidden eye liner and sponge applicator! This can all be found by sliding the shadows to the side. But wait! THERE'S MORE!!
Pull out the bottom drawer and you get lipsticks, lip glosses, concealers, and OMG GLITTER!
It should be obvious to anyone now why I thought this was such a genius product, right? Your whole face is in this one handy container! Multiple looks! Change day to night! Oh! The possibilities!! And NYX is really amazing company. Great products, great prices ($24.99 when I bought it.) Who wouldn't want all those products for such a cheap price??

*sigh* I am not in love. I realllllly wanted to be. And there are parts of this collection I really do enjoy. Here are my thoughts:

The shadows are okay. I do love all the colors and the combination, but I don't feel like they are very blendable. Wherever my brush lands on my lid is kinda where that shadow is going. They're just not as soft/velvety as I would have liked. But the color combinations are great! And I do like the versatility of doing purple, classic, bronze, natural, etc.

The light bronzer I actually kind of like! I think the formula is pretty good and it's not too dark for my Snow White-like skin! The darker bronzer will probably never work for me. lol. I like the bottom light pink blush--it proves a nice flush, healthy glow that compliments my cool skin tone. The highlighter is eh, ok. It's almost just like putting baby powder on my face it's sooo white. (it doesn't look white when applied). But I also can't really tell when it's applied...

I haven't used the lip products or concealers yet. I [tried to] use some of the glitter shadows (and we ALL know how much I heart glitter!) but they were more trouble than they were worth:(  Kinda flaked off and just made a mess. Maybe I'm not applying it correctly...

So bottom line? It's an okay palette, and I probably will use parts of it in the future, but given the opportunity, I would not buy it again. And I don't really recommend it to anyone else. I would've rather spent the $25 on something else that I would use more frequently.

Have you tried this box of makeup? What did you think? What's your favorite makeup product right now?

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