Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hello Out There!

*tap*tap*tap... Testing... Testing... Is this thing on? Is anyone out there? Anyone still reading... lol

So it's been almost a year since I stopped writing here for good, and I have to tell you. I *really* miss it.

I didn't realize what a big part of my life involved blogging.

Every time I paint my nails. Every time I try a new product. Ha, anytime I'm at Ulta or Sephora or even Target, I want to write and share what I'm buying/trying etc.

I love my kid (oh! so so so so much!) And I want to tell everyone all about him, too! But I've gotta tell you... there's 2178973809890388 mom blogs out there, and I'm not sure that's an arena in which I'm very comfortable.

I'm a beauty blogger. This is where I belong.

I can't promise I'll be blogging every day (actually, I can promise it won't be every day! lol) But I definitely want to start blogging again...

If anyone is out there and would care to read it anymore? ;)

(p.s. I realize there's probably some coding/detailed stuff that needs to be fixed around here, but give me some time! I'm still working 40+ hours a week, commuting, and still trying to do the mom and wife thing too. I'll get there;)

1 comment:

  1. It was so nice to see you pop up again in my blog feed! I can't wait to see where you take things next.



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