Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hard Candy Glossaholic!!

Just got home a little while ago from a fabulous sushi date with a grand friend of mine! What a great time! There are few things in life better than yummy sushi and great conversation with people you like:) The funniest thing was she painted her nails before coming out with me because she was nervous about having ugly nails since I always do mine "so pretty" :) lol

Anyway, nothing super huge to report, but I wanted to share with you one of my all time favorite beauty products--Hard Candy's Glossaholic lip gloss! ($5 at Wal-mart) This stuff is amazing!!! I got my first one sometime around April, 2011. I started with the color "Gorgeous" and fell in love with everything about it! The applicator is HUGE it coats my entire lip in one swipe! The color is so soft but brilliant with all the different sparkles in it! There was a light, sweet, slightly vanilla taste. I NEEDED to have more of these!

So I got "Tipsy"... then "Fairy".... then the ones "infused with mood altering elixirs"...
And suddenly I had more than half the collection. 

These glosses are like crack (okay, I've never done any drugs in my whole life; but it's how I imagine an addictive illegal substance would be;) I couldn't get enough of them! I loved them! I wanted them all!!

By far my MOST FAVORITE gloss of all time! They are comprised of every one of the favorite things listed in my blog title: there's GLITTER in them; they are GLOSSes, and they GLAZE my lips. 

If you buy nothing else I recommend ever, please get this lip gloss. :)

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