Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Q&A: Manly Lip Balm

I'm very excited about today's question and answer post, because this question came from a boy!! I guess I hadn't really thought that much about boys reading my blog (though I should; the guys at work hear me talk about my blog all the time. So hello to any of them reading;) Anyway, for all you boys out there, I don't want you to feel left out! In fact, it's even been suggested that maybe once a month I do a whole post just for the guys and some products they may enjoy! So look forward to that coming in the near future!

For now, let's just take care of today's question:

Q: Are there any lip balms for guys? Which ones do you suggest? ~Brett

A: Great question, Brett!! I know sometimes it can be a nerve-racking feeling when you go to the store to look for a lip balm. There's all the fancy flavored/scented/colored ones and then there's plain old Chapstick. It's hard to know which one is best! I'm going to quickly go through my top three "balms for boys."

First is the Blistex Lip Infusion. It comes on a ball roller! I love how this feels going on! Now it is a liquid so it can form a bit of a shine on the lips when first applied, but I think a lot of it is absorbed into the lips so it doesn't look like you're wearing a gloss. My favorite part is the ball roller! It is always cold and it just feels sooo refreshing when you apply it! It's good for chapped lips and even better for lips that are sun or wind burnt. And there's SPF! A win all around:)

Next is a tried and true age old Carmex. Some people prefer it in a jar, but that always makes me feel like I'm dipping my finger in vaseline; and I don't like that greasy feel. In the tube however, it's perfect. I love the rounded top of the tube for a nice smooth application. I would describe the consistency as more of a gel and your lips will feel completely coated in moisture! There's no SPF in this one, but it has beeswax in it which is very nourishing and soothing for lips all year 'round:)

The last one I'm going to discuss is another Blistex--the Five Star Lip Protectant. This one comes in a generic lip balm tube. I think this has some of the most "manly" packaging because it is all one color and just very basic. It's a solid that goes on not to thick and not to thin. There is 30 SPF in it and while unscented, I think it has a very light almost vanilla-like scent!

Now, you may be wondering why no Chapstick product made my list... nothing against Chapstick, but to me personally I think it has too much of a waxy feel and almost always seems/feels/smells medicated to me... and I just don't like that.

But as always, try different kinds/brands/styles out and see which works best for your lips! If you're a guy, what are your favorite lip balms? Or if you're a girl, what are lip balms your friend/boyfriend/fiance/husband usese?? :)


  1. My husband likes the plain blue chapstick tube. at least i got him away from the cherry flavored one :)

  2. lol and see, some people really do enjoy chapstick:)

  3. I'm paying it forward to you with the Kreativ Blog Award!
    janna xo



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