Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Everyday Makeup Q&A

Happy Wednesday! The week is halfway over! Hope you're having a great one and looking forward to some fun stuff over the weekend:)

Today's Q&A is actually one I got on last week's post. It comes from Beautiful Stranger from A Thing of Beauty and she asked:

Q. "Do you prefer natural or eye-popping makeup? It always fascinates me to what other makeup junkies consider to be an 'everyday' look :D"

A. This is a great question! And it's a good point. All these bloggers out there that review great products and show all this stuff, it's very easy to wonder what they use and how they look every day.

Hate to disappoint you, but on most days I have very basic, minimal makeup routine, especially during the week. (partly 'cause I don't want to overdo it at work... but mostly 'cause I'm lazy and I choose a few extra minutes of sleep vice a few extra beauty minutes lol)
my everyday makeup bag

So it's usually moisturizer (Pond's), primer (Hard Candy), eyelid primer (e.l.f.), powder (MAC Studio Fix), eyeshadow (usually pinks, purples, or browns) (Wet 'n Wild, Hard Candy), liner (which I am positive is the secret to making my eyes noticeable at all lol) (e.l.f or Maybelline), mascara (e.l.f. right now, often Maybelline), lipgloss (too many brands to list!). DONE! I call it 5-minute makeup!

For night's out and weekends, I'll usually add darker eye makeup and some contouring powders. More on this another time:)

What are some of your go to products? How do you wear your makeup every day?


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