Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Watermarbling--Disastrous or Designful??

By now I'm sure everyone has heard of watermarbling (if not, that's okay). There's a good chance you may look at nail stuff on Pinterest (it was allll over there for quite some time). The concept is really quite simple. You get a cup/glass of water (I used a cut off Solo cup); some say to use distilled, but I just used regular tap water that I let sit to room temperature. Then the fun starts! You take a few bottles of polish and let a drop of polish fall on the water.. it will form a film... then another drop... then another... until you have layer of color that looks kind of like a target pattern. With a toothpick or cuticle stick, you just make little swirling motion through the polish and the water, careful not to break the layer. With a taped nail, just dip/set the nail on the layer at an angle, pull out and BAM! Marbled design!

That's really the long story short version (I promise you can Google it and find much more detailed examples on YouTube:) But for tonight's post, I wanted to share with you some of the pictures I took from when I tried it for the first (and only lol) time!
I tried several different polishes to find ones that would work best (some don't spread, some just form droplets, etc.) As much as I love the (price) and color selection of Sinful Colors, I just could not get any of them to work! They were almost too thick.

The ones I used were:

Now, I'm not gonna lie and say "omg guys, this was soooo easy!! Everyone should do it!!" It took a lot of time and I redid some of my nails several times because they didn't look just right. It's not the hardest thing ever, and with the right amount of patience (and polish;) I'm sure anyone would be able to do it. But you definitely have to set aside enough time so you don't rush yourself.
right after removing tape
closeup of after tape
Also, even with the tape, I still somehow got it allll over my fingers (plus, I don't think I'm a really great taper to begin with lol). So I needed lots of Q-tips to clean up around the edges (and since, genius me used glitter polish, that kinda stuck to my skin more than some of the others:)
inside light

outside light

So, I apologize for not having a perfect picture of the completely cleaned up mani to show you, but I did this several months ago (pre-blog) so I just got some pictures to send my friend Katie while I was doing it (and trying to convince her that she should try it too!)
the mess at the end:)
Will I do it again? Sure, for a special occasion or if I'm bored and want to do something fun to my nails. But it's not something I can do every week just for the fun of it:) At least not unless I become a watermarbling superstar:)

How 'bout you? Have you tried watermarbling? Did it turn out for you? What polishes worked best? And what advice would you give to other girls wanting to try?


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