Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Konad Polish Stamping

As I mentioned yesterday, I was suuuuper duper excited to find Konad Special Nail Polish at a kiosk at the Prime Outlets in Orlando!! [insert "Hallelujah Chorus" here lol] Prior to finding this little gem, I had been getting all my stamping stuff online. This is fabulous though 'cause I'm able to see the colors to pick out which ones I want, there's no shipping, and I get them right away (yay for instant gratification!)

I picked up three bottles each for $8 plus tax:

I was soooo excited to try them, I didn't even repaint my nails (same paint since Friday. Revlon Top Speed 210 Jelly. Pretty color, chips easily.), just grabbed Shany plate SH13 and stamped them all.

They look amazing!!! I still have some trouble getting the design lined up just right on my nail, but overall I am extremely happy with the results.

If you haven't tried stamping yet, I totally recommend it! You can read some of my old stamping posts which talk about the different brands (Konad, Bundle Monster, Shany etc.) of stamping plates and the polish to use (so far, I really do thinkit's best to buy the Konad brand name stuff). It's easier than free handing (I think) and looks like it was professional done! Plus it's pretty fast and doesn't make a huge mess!


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