Monday, January 16, 2012

I Heart Garnier Fructis Surf Hair

I think I mentioned a few Monday Hair Posts back that I seem to have a bunch of Garnier Fructis hair products (oh yes, it's true). And what's kinda interesting about it is that none of them were ever bought at the same time. They all were bought for different purposes (depending on what I was bothered about by my hair at the time. lol)

Things I love about Garnier Fructis? The packaging! Everything is green and yellow and bright and fun. They come in good shapes and sizes. The smell! I can't quite say what exactly everything smells like.. kinda fruity, kinda tropical, kinda sweet, but all around delightful. The price! I feel like I can get high end quality results with a lower end priced product. 

If you ever ask me what my favorite product for my wavy hair is, this would be my answer: Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Texture Paste. This stuff is aaaamaaaaazzzinnng!!! It's like light a mousse, but I feel has more hold to my hair. So it's sticky like a gel, but more malleable and doesn't get hard and crunchy. ($4-ish at Walgreens)

The website provides this information:
Got the beach in your soul? Get surf in your hair.

. Messed-up, matte effect style with flexible hold
. Definition and volume without build-up

Hold Level: Strong

How to use: Rub a dime size amount of paste between your palms, apply to slightly damp/dry hair and style. Define individual areas with your fingers.

clearly time for more (but you can see how much I love it!!)

I LOVE the waves I get from it. Parts of my hair actually look curly instead of just wavy. Downsides? I've found that my hair is kinda gross the day after. After sleeping on it it often looks like a mushed up mess and it can be hard to brush/comb through. Also, (this could be how I'm scrunching) my hair tends to frizz A LOT so I NEED to use enough anti-frizz serum/cream/whatever before this product. I'm still trying to get the right combination of products to work together. (note: sometimes I scrunch and blow dry... and my hair ends up HUGE... sometimes I scrunch and air dry. It's sometimes more flat but more curly then. weird)

But definitely try this if you want a fast, easy hair style that will last all day:)

Have you tried this product? Am I the only one that is subconsciously obsessed with Garnier Nuctris???


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