Friday, February 10, 2012

Beauty Army Kit Sample Review: LaROCCA Gold Cleanser Exfoliant

Hi Lovelies! Happy Friday! OMG, this felt like one of the longest weeks I've had in a long time. But it ended on a pretty good note, and I know I am ready to enjoy the weekend!

So, I know it seems like I just keep saying such great things about Beauty Army's products--to the point where you're probably just rolling you're eyes and thinking, "oh, she's just saying that." I promise you, I am not. I'm actually really happy with everything I've tried so far because I kind of went into it thinking I wasn't going to like it much.

That sounds like a horrible thing to say. But quick reminder, I went with Beauty Army because everyone else had wait lists and I couldn't get other monthly subscriptions! I wanted something that was going to have more "makeup" products and less "beauty" products. But! Let me tell you! It was a blessing in disguise! So much of the Beauty Army stuff is products that I probably wouldn't even consider buying.

For instance, today I want to quickly tell you about the LaRocca 24K Gold Cleanser Exfoliant. It comes in this super teeny tiny little jar (the picture makes it look A LOT bigger than it is in real life, lol) And my first thought was, yeah right, I'll use this like one day and it'll be all gone. Nope, I've been using it all week and I *still* have stuff left! A little really goes a long way.

I'm not gonna post the whole description of what it's supposed to do; you can see that by seeing my original Beauty Army Kit post. I just want to tell you what it's done for me. It is AMAZING! I love this stuff!! I usually wash my face with it at night and moisturize before going to sleep. I wake up with a healthy glow (ok, maybe that is a SLIGHT exagerration; I kinda still look like crap when I first wake up lol) But I do notice that my skin does look healthier and fresher, if that makes sense.

Also, what I really like about it is that after using it just once, my nose had that smooth almost shiny (not greasy) feeling I get after using pore strips on it. My cheeks feel softer. It's just an overall good, clean feeling. :)

So, my one complaint that I'd had about Beauty Army was that it felt like my kit took FOREVER to get here (and it was 9 business days. And a weekend thrown in, I think) But whatever! I'm totally over that! Everything that I've been using so far has been sooooooo simply wonderful, that it is totally worth the wait:) I'm completely on Team Beauty Army and will continue to receive my monthly kits for quite some time:)


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