Thursday, February 9, 2012

NOTD: Hard Candy Matte Top Coat

We all know I'm obsessed with glossy, shiny, sparkly things (thus the name of my blog lol:) I've never been a huge fan of matte things... it just seems flat to me... But it had been a while since I'd bought any Hard Candy products, and I saw they had a Matte Top Coat that I thought would be fun to try. Actually, I thought it would nearly double my nail polish collection since all the colors I have that were shiny and lovely could now also be worn matte!
I started with OPI Base Coat then used two Coats of L'Oreal Mauve Star.

Funny story about this polish, A LOT of my polishes are just different shade of pink--baby pink, hot pink, glittery pink, etc. When I got promoted a couple years ago, I thought I needed my nails to be more "professional" for wok, so I got this because it seemed like a "grown up color." However, I just didn't like how it looked on my fingers. (p.s. clearly I'm over having "professional" nails at work. lol)

After using the Mauve Star, I put on the Matte Top Coat. You can see the differences here:
Ta-da! It's like a completely new polish! Both pictures are taken with the flash so you can fully compare them:)
I think this top coat worked really well and definitely provided the intended results. I need to be more careful using it because there were a few spots not covered as much as others so I still have a little shine coming through; but for my first time using it, I'm very happy with it:)

How do you feel about Matte Polishes? Have you used any? Do you prefer them to the shiny/glossy nails? :)


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