Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friendship Series Part 5: Facebook Friends

Hi Lovelies! I didn't write for the Friendship Series last week 'cause I thought maybe I was done with it. But I've been thinking some more and thought I'd write a quick post!

Remember when you first joined Facebook?? If you were at all like me, you started looking for people from your past! I'd tracked down people from college, high school, middle school, elementary school, and other random people. I started searching old boyfriends or boys that I liked. So curious to see what everyone was up to! Where were they living? What were they doing? I realized some of the people who were my best friends, I no longer had anything in common with. People I didn't know very well back in the day seemed to be a lot cooler now. It was fabulous! All this reconnecting!

It was also a way to keep up with new friends. Just meet someone and add him/her on Facebook! Suddenly, instead of actually getting to know that person, you could see everything you needed to know just on the Facebook page... favorite movies, tv shows, activities; political and religious leanings; info on who they were friends with, things from their past, etc. 

At some point, I can't entirely put my finger on when... it went from being Facebook to being Fakebook. People started falling in to one of two categories: the people that talked about how fabulous their life was allll the time (whether it really was or not) and the people that complained about how miserable things were alll the time (again, whether it really was or not.) Just scrolling through my newsfeed got frustrating and depressing.

I started to look very seriously through my friends list and realized I hardly knew these people. These weren't really my "friends" these were people that had passed through my life at one point or another. Some I wasn't ready to let go of, and others had no reason to be still there.

I think Facebook in general has really de-personalized how we view friends and friendships. "Writing on someone's wall/timeline" now constitutes "keeping in touch." You can stop being friends with someone simply by "unfriending" them.

I've considering doing away with Facebook altogether, simply because of the whole superficiality of it all. What about you? Have you made any comparisons between your Facebook friends and your real life friends? Do you feel it's gotten a lot more fake recently? Or are you still having fun finding old friends and playing Farmville? ;) I'd love to hear what you all think! Oh, and don't forget to check out my Facebook page. hahahahahhaah:)


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