Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NOTD: Layla Magneffect Polish

Hi Lovelies! Happy Hump Day! I've always thought that was actually kind of a stupid name for a day, but whatever. It's Wednesday! The week is half over! (or half started? Is this like a half empty/half full kind of thing? lol)

Anyway, today's NOTD is Layla Magneffect Magnetic Polish. Now, before I show you the nails (as if you can't just scroll down to see the pictures lol) let's break this down a little. First, magnetic polish. I'd heard about it months ago, but also heard it was like $16 a bottle. That is well out of my price range; like I could get almost 8 bottles of Sinful Colors for that price!) So I'd decided right away magnetic polish was not for me until it got cheaper.

Which, okay another sidenote. I waited for "crackle" polish to get a little cheaper, and I bought the Sally Hansen kind this summer. Not. Im. Pressed. OMG it was HORRIBLE! It was chunky, didn't "crackle" quite right (or at all. I had three colors I tried). Took them all back to Walgreens. So, point of this paragraph? Cheaper is not always better. Now back to the topic at hand lol.

So anyway, I'd been hearing that there were some cheaper magnetic polishes out there lately and figured I'd get it eventually. But then I was at Ulta last week and....

Secondly, let's discuss this brand. Layla. Ever heard of it? (many of you polish gurus probably have;) I,however, have not. And I thought it was so funny on the bottle that English wasn't even the first language for the directions. Hahah. Apparently Layla is an Italian cosmetics company that has been in business for more than sixty years! (who knew?:)

Anyway the polish was $15.50. Whoa. In my opinion, still too expensive for a polish. But you know what? Maybe it's super fab. And how would you, my lovely readers, know if it's worth the money or not, if I didn't buy it to review for you!

And so, I did. I got the Changing Lilac shade.

It's a little thicker than regular polish. But this is good, because you really just need one coat. Which is also good since you use the magnet to make it work. Now, I'm not going to explain to you how magnetic polish works (mostly 'cause I don't know for sure. Science was never my strong point; I was a liberal arts major! lol And partly because I really want to believe it's magic:)

Anyway, here's how it works. Paint one nail, hold magnet (which is in the cap of the polish at the other end of the brush) above nail for at least 5 seconds... BAM! Design. I know China Glaze has a fun magnet that does all kind of different designs (see Traci's examples) But right now I just have kinda slanty lines in mine. Which is still pretty cool:)

no flash

with flash
Final thoughts? I think this magnetic stuff is soooo fun! Is it worth nearly $16? Eh.... I think it's fun to be able to say I now own an Italian polish... and I'm glad I tried it... but I would probably want to get some the cheaper versions to compare. Also, since I personally believe magnetic polish is just another fad (like "crackle" polish), I really wouldn't buy more than one of these. But as always, just my opinion:)

Have you tried this or another magnetic polish?? What do you think?? Fad or forever??:)


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