Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Migi Nail Art -- My new obsession...

Helloooo Lovelies!! So I've been putting this off for a while now to share with you my latest obsession!! You've probably already seen these fabulous little items showing up in several of my Nail Challenge posts. They are wonderful!! And the perfect item to anyone's inventory of nail art supplies!!

Now, before I get too in depth on the product, I want to share a quick story with you of how I even found these! Last month was the Florida State Fair and I loooooove the Fair!! I am far from being an outdoorsy/farmy kind of gal, but I've always loved going to the fair! Growing up in southwestern PA, there were a lot of outdoorsy/farmy girls lol (and all the boys hunted and fished) [you know Corey? Leah's now ex-husband on Teen Mom 2? A lot of the boys in my high school were just like that!] Anyway, going to the Fair and seeing all the cows, pigs, etc. remind me of my younger days! Plus, who doesn't love some funnel cake and good fried foods?

Anyway, so I'm at the Fair walking through the vendor building, and what do I see but a NAIL ART BOOTH! You've got to be kidding me! So of course I went over to see what it was they were selling. I didn't even need to see her do a demonstration of how they worked, I just jumped in and asked her how much the kits were!

"Have you used our products before?" She asked. Well, no, but I had every intention of staring to use them if she would just sell them to me! lol But she insisted on explaining it all to me first. Migi Nail Art Pens are actually real polish. There's a brush at one end to paint your nails, then the other end has the pen tip so you can squeeze and draw/paint on the nail (think fabric paint). They come in sets of eight--they look like big pens, but they all come apart so they're smaller. AND (this is the big news) LIFETIME REFILLS!! So if you run out of one of the colors, you just let them know and they SEND YOU A NEW ONE!!! How awesome is that?!?! No need to worry about rationing one of your colors, just use the heck out if and get a new one! (the fine print is that you do need to register with them in order to get your refill!)

Not one to impulse purchase (even though, you can imagine how badly I *needed* these pens!) I said, "okay, thank you, I'll think about it..." and walked away. YES! I walked away!! And started pulling up reviews on my phone. They were a little cheaper at Amazon, but then there would be shipping.. and I'd have to wait to get them...

Then I thought, well, Sally Hansen pens are like $8 or something for ONE. I'm getting EIGHT colors for $25 AND they can be polish OR nail art!

I went back. And got the pastel set. And I have been soooo thankful that I did!!

I wanted to do a full comparison on these vs. the Sally Hansen pens; but the truth is, since I got these, I've been using them only and haven't even touched my Sally Hansen ones; so that review will have to wait.

For now, you definitely need to check out their site! (p.s. it's for CANADIAN and AUSTRALIAN people too!!!:) AND they have a referral program!! So if you DO want to buy them, send me a note. I'll give you the info you need to get the referral for me! (then you can tell all your friends and get your referral gift!!)


Bottom line, I love love love love love love love these! And I'm not sure how I survived without them before!

And before you say, "Oh, I don't need to buy pens. I just use polish I have and toothpicks or thin brushes" Well, good for you! I'm glad you have the patience and skill for that! For me, it's just easier to have it in a squeezable pen form!:)

Do you have any of the Migi Nail Art pens?? What do you think about them?? Am I just craaazzzyyy for loving them so much???:)


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