Monday, March 26, 2012

Nail Challenge Week 12: Skittles Nails

Helloooo Lovelies! And thanks for sticking around! I was blogging nearly every day for a while (okay, I was cheating, I'd write them all on Sunday and have them auto post, but still!:) Then after the cruise and trying to get back in the routine of work I slacked off. It's not for lack of material though! I have a whole list of things I need to write about, review, etc! So I promise I'm going to try to do better!

Now this was last week's challenge, and I've finally gotten around to do it! I was super excited about doing Skittles nails (which is why I still did this one instead of skipping it.) Skittles are one of my favorite candies! There's a little crunch on the outside then they're chewy and fruity on the inside! They come in a variety of different flavor packs (wildberry, tropical) but I stuck with just the original for my mani this week!

Started with Essie all in one base then I used Sinful Colors Unicorn, Sinful Colors Go Go Girl, Revlon Top Speed Grape, OPI He's My Boo, and Piggy Polish Envy (not just for toes!;)

After writing an S on each of them with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen White and a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat you get this. Ta-da!

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out! When I was at Ulta today, the check out girl even asked, "Do you have skittles on your nails?" LOL Why, yes I do!:) I think it's a success when strangers know what's going on with my nails!

Did you do this week's challenge?? What other candies could you do on your nails? M&Ms maybe? Reeses Pieces? (yum!)


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