Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's your number?

Hey Lovelies, so as you may know Google Friend Connector (Connection? whatever) has gone away now for anyone not having their blog on blogger. Mine is on blogger so you can still use it to follow me (for now:)

However, this started to get me thinking about THE NUMBERS. I know there's lots of people who say, "Oh, I don't care if anyone reads my blog, I write for myself." or "It doesn't matter how many followers I have, I'm going to keep blogging." I believe there is some truth this, but in many circles, the gaining popularity is seen as a sign of success.

So this made me think of a few questions (I'll put some of my initial thoughts/opinions here, but I want to hear what you think too)
  1. Do I base whether I like a blog based on how many followers it has? (maybe not whether I "like" it, but it might factor how I "perceive" it...)
  2. Do more followers really mean that blogger has better information/opinions/whatever? (okay, I do sometimes think that if a person has 1000+ followers s/he's probably been blogging for a while and must be doing something right since so many people follow. However, once they have over like 2000+ followers or something I tend to think that maybe the blog just won't be as personal... I'd rather follow a blogger that is personal with her readers.)
  3. How would I view a blog that doesn't have the number of follower listed? (Sometimes I think it's because s/he doesn't want everyone to know how many or how few followers they have. And maybe that is a good thing! I think sometimes [as much as I don't want to] I do compare myself/my blog to others. I don't want to say I'm really competitive about it, because I know we are all at different levels and everyone's blog is different, but I do compare numbers sometimes... rightfully or wrongfully so, I'm admitting that I do it.)
  4. Would I take Google Friend Connect off my blog? (Yes... but.... I don't know, that's where I have the most followers so I almost feel like if I take it off, I'll be starting all over again... but at the same time, maybe it's not about the numbers. But on the other hand, what if there are people that really like using Google Reader and they need the Friend Connect? *sigh*)

And this is where I need your help! If I got rid of GFC would you still follow me? Would it be more difficult for you to read my blog? Do you have it on yours? How do you feel about it??

Here I'll quickly share with you all the other places you can stalk follow me!!

Bloglovin (they also have a fabulous app! I love reading my favorite blogs on the go!:)

And is there anywhere else you want to find me?? :) The more accessible I can be to you the better our relationship can be!!:)


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