Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to be Naked for less!

Hi Lovelies! Remember when the Naked2 palette came out? Remember how it seemed like EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD was buying it and almost every beauty blogger was doing reviews/swatches of it?

Then there was the price tag... $50... *sigh*... and sure, you could rationalize and say welllll for 12 colors, that's only like $4 per color... so it's not that bad...

But let's be honest, especially if you're looking for beauty on a budget, that is just a big chunk of change to throw down for one product. Even if it is a product you just *know* you'll use EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE if you buy it!

Well, that's how I rationalized it (and really, I have been using it pretty much every day;) but still, is there a cheaper way? Or a way to get the same look for less?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think I may actually have a partial solution if you don't want to throw down the $50 but still want to have the fun neutral looks that other girls are doing with the Naked2 Palette.

May I present to you Caviar and Bubbles by Nyx! ($10)

So here are some of the basic comparisons: Nyx is definitely a smaller palette than the Naked2. It comes in a smaller case that you can easily throw in your purse; whereas the Naked2 is bigger.

Almost all the colors are very similar. Naked2 has two more; and the Nyx one has a pink-ish and a white (which Naked2 does not) but the browns, neutrals, and blacks are very comparable.
Naked2 comes with the fancy double ended brush applicator; Nyx comes with a double ended sponge applicator. I prefer the brush.

You're probably wondering about the big question right now though, how do the products actually compare!? Well, I still think the Naked2 colors are deeper/richer and have more shimmer/shine to them. They just appear more vibrant when applied. However, the Nyx ones are not that much different.

For about a week, I would do one eye with Naked2 and one with the Nyx shadows. When blended, you could hardly tell a difference. Can you tell which eye is which?


The one on the left is Naked2 and the one on the right is Nyx! But it's pretty close, right?

So conclusions? I'm still glad that I have the Naked2 palette; but I do think the Nyx is a decent buy to replicate many of the Naked2 looks! If you don't have the $50 for Naked2, I'd definitely encourage you to pay the $10 to pick up the Nyx one. And even if you already have the Naked2, it doesn't hurt to have the Nyx lying around. Because of the size, you can throw it in a little purse if you're going out and may need to touch up your eye makeup later:)

Have you tried the Nyx shadows? Have you found any other cheaper versions of the Naked2 colors?:)


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