Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Rimmel VolumeFlash Scandal Eyes Mascara

Hello, Lovelies! You are probably well aware that eyelashes are a very important part of your face! For years decades centuries forever women have been trying to get their lashes to be longer, thicker, more defined, etc. and even go to great extents by putting potions on them or just sticking fake ones over top.

I'm pretty happy with the length of my lashes, but I am always trying new mascaras then promise to "plump" or "volumize" or "thicken" or any variation of those words. One of the ones I've tried recently is Rimmel's VolumeFlash Scandal Eyes.

The packaging is nice--this bright sparkly orange (so it's never lost in your purse or makeup bag;) and it's a pretty chunky tube--and have you noticed that all of the "get thicker lashes" type mascaras come in thicker bottles? Pay attention next time, it's like subliminal messaging packaging. lol.

Here is what this mascara promises:
The MaxDensity brush, that's 50% larger and thicker, covers your lashes with attention - from corner to corner. Bristles now flex in to deposit mascara and out to comb through clumps, so volume will scream. With scandalous eye opening volume, this mascara should need a license.
Watch false lashes become a thing of the past, as Scandal Eyes Mascara becomes the ultimate beauty weapon in your make-up bag. This Rimmel revolution has 3x the collagen for plumper, sculpted lashes, 3x the keratin for strong and healthy lashes and...3x the attitude to guarantee scandalous behaviour!
Now, the brush is definitely bigger and the mascara is definitely thicker. Actually, I was very impressed with the formula. I have shade 003 Extreme Black, and it is a great color!

It did pretty well in making my lashes look fab; but I was disappointed when after just a few weeks of use, everything started clumping. It clumped on the brush, it clumped on my lashes. Just pulling it out of the tube and some would hang off at the tip; so I'd have to scrape that on the edge of the tube before applying. It just started to get messy :(

So overall, I do like the color, the texture, and how it made my lashes look. But I do not like how it deteriorated so fast and got clumpy and messy. I'm glad I tried it, but I will not be buying again.

Have you tried this mascara? Did it work better for your? Do you like any other mascaras by Rimmel?


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