Thursday, April 19, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Puppy Face

Hey Lovelies! Ohhhh I sooo wanted to get this post done sooner today, but for those of you who don't know I got reallllly sick this week. I swear, I hardly EVER GET SICK *EV*ER*. But when I do, it is bad. I went to the doctor yesterday, and I have not one but two infectious diseases. Fabulous. I'm on antibiotics now and my fever has broken, but I'm fighting a sinus infection AND bronchitis. Blech. I'm snotty and coughing and gross. But on the road to recovery!

Now that we're all done feeling sorry for me, lol, I want to share with you my new, super fun, exciting idea!!! (yes, being on these drugs has suddenly made me more creative lol)

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to the first ever installment of THROWBACK THURSDAY!!!

Insert applause here;)

You may not be as excited as I am right now because you don't know what it is! So let me explain it to you!:)

Growing up we all made some interesting beauty and fashion choices, and I want to go back and relive some of those! So starting today, I'm going to share a picture or some story about some fashion/beauty trend I was sooo into at a prior point in my life. Some of them will be fun (and funny); some will just be sad. Hahahha.

Here's why it's exciting FOR YOU! Next week, I'm going to set up a little linky widget and welcome you all to write your OWN "Throwback Thursday" post and share it with everyone else! So kind of like a mini-mid-week blog hop:) We can all walk down memory lane together; and hopefully share a few laughs (or tears, as the case may be hahahah)

So for today's first Throwback Thursday, I wanted to show you one of the first times I attempted makeup...

Okay, maybe not real makeup... Maybe a Crayola marker...

The point is, even at age 5, I had an eye for creativity and was interested in playing with designs on my face! I believe this was a "puppy dog" look that I was going for ;)

What makes it even better is that I have a T-shirt on over my bathing suit. Had I been outside? Was I going outside? Or was this just an interesting fashion choice to go along with the fabulous face? hehehe. The world may never know! I do love how I took special care to make sure my eyebrows were colored too... hahahah crazy girl...

So this first week's throwback was kinda silly, but stay tuned for some other fun ones:)


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