Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello Glossbox USA, I think I love you!

By now, you've probably heard the latest on the big news in beauty subscription boxes! Ladies and gentlemen, GLOSSYBOX IS NOW IN THE USA!!! Yaaaaaaayyyy!!! You may not see why this is so exciting yet (but you will;), and many of my international readers can probably sing the praise of Glossybox that they've had in their countries a lot longer:)

Several months ago, when I first started looking at which beauty box I waned to subscribe to, I started researching all the ones that were out there. Glossybox seemed absolutely amazing! The blogs and videos about them just made me think, yes! That is what I want!

One major problem. ... Not available in the States. *sigh*

Beauty Army had just started so I signed up with them (and loved them!) and got on Birchbox's and Glam Bag's waiting list.

Then. The announcement came.

GLOSSYBOX WAS COMING TO USA! Yaaaay!! They didn't have a lot of info on the site at the time; and they were still working out what brands they would be working with. But they had a simple entry form: enter your email to win a chance to try one of the first boxes! Of course I enter.

Then. The email came.

I WAS A WINNER!!! I was going to get one of the first American Glossy boxes!!!!

It came in last week, I opened it up! Full size products! Beautiful, wonderful products!

Then. I fell in love.

And here is the story of how we fell in love:)

I opened the perfectly pink box to see gorgeous pink tissue paper and a blank and pink insides... upon unwrapping the ribbon and pulling back the tissue paper I was greeted by six perfectly prepared products:

Basq Cucumber Tea Eye Gel
Give your eyes a fresh start with Basq's soothing and smoothing Cucumber Tea Eye Gel ($24.00/.5oz)
[I LOVE this! The consistency is like that of aloe. It's cool and refreshing when you put it on! I've been wearing it around my eyes every night since I bought it. I wake up with less puffy and more refreshed eyes.]

OPI Kiss Me on my Tulips
A smooch-worthy shade of hot pink ($8.50/.5oz)
[I haven't used this color yet; but I love OPI and I love pink polish, so this is a winner no matter how you look at it;0}

C.O. Bigelow Lavendar & Peppermint Body Lotion
An exhilarating formula that will moisturize and soothe your skin ($12.00 5.2oz)
[This lotion just smells expensive! Hahaha. I believe I read that this company was only making products for hotels for a while; so it's definitely a quality lotion. I haven't used it yet]

Erno Laszlo Hollywood Collection
This Hollywood Collection of Creams commemorate 85 years of Erno Laszlo with forumlas inspired by his iconic devotees: Ava, Katharine, Marilyn, Grace and Greta. ($125.00/5x.5oz)

Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine (Toffee)
This lip gloss is filled with pearl pigments that supply your lips with extraoridnary radiance. *Exclusive to Glossybox before Kryolan's US launch ($18.10/.135oz)
[Lipgloss is by far by favorite makeup product of all time. And I am thrilled to be one of the first to try this brand!! The applicator is a brush instead of the usual spongey applicator, and I'm excited about that. Like painting my lips!:)]

Total cost of products:$187.60.
Total cost to me: $0
Cost of Glossybox USA: $21

I'm going to assume that last number may cause concern to some of you. Twenty-one dollars? But almost all the other beauty boxes here are around $10, that's more than double what we're paying now! True, but the quality is more too. At least for now.

This is where my one concern is. Did they make the first box super fabulous to get everyone sucked in? Then they collect all their money and the quality starts to deteriorate? Should I sign up right away or wait?

See, right now I'm doing Birchbox and Beauty Army--together they are $22. So really, if I did *just* Glossybox, I'd be saving money! lol. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet, but I can say that I am definitely impressed (and in love) with Glossybox. If they actually win me over as a customer is still to be determined:)

Did you get one of the first US Glossyboxes? Do you live in a country where they've had it for years? Do you think it's worth the money? What is your favorite monthly subscription service?


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