Monday, May 14, 2012

May Beauty Army First Impressions (and why they're awesome)

Hi Lovelies! Another month and another Beauty Army kit! As usual, I'll show you what I got with some initial thoughts. Make sure you scroll down all the way to the end to see something really special about Beauty Army!:)

PhotoDefense SPF 55+
Photo-Defense Anti-PhotoAging Daily Skin Protector is an ultra light hydrating formula with patent pending Photoplex, which provides extreme anti-aging protection against daily UVA and UVB sun exposure, oxidative stress, and glycation. Fortified with a powerful Auto-Defense System and vitamin D to help strengthen the skin's natural defenses. PhotoDefense contains Photoplex, a photostable complex with exclusize Cellular EEQ (Excited Energy Quenchers) Technology. Photoplex provides broad-based spectrum UVA/UVB protection and quenches both free radicals and advanced glycation end products, which prevents premature skin aging.

I'm really excited about this! Every day I get closer and closer to 30 which means I'm closer to more and more wrinkles! The fact that this "prevents premature skin aging" means I should automatically love it!!:) Plus, I *love* how high the SPF is! I'm super fair, and the more protection I have, the better my skin is!;)

Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion
Sensitive and reactive skin gets soothed and restored with this gentle hypoallergenic Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion. This natural face wash is a creamy, fragrance-free facial treatment with organic ingredients that gently cleanses and protects your skin.

Organic sweet almond oil in our Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion is packed with essential fatty acids that help nourish and soothe your sensitive skin while balancing your natural moisture level for truly healthy beauty. Plum kernel oil in this natural face wash contains high quantities of antioxidants and vitamins A and E, which absorb easily to soften your skin and protect from harmful environmental influences. Your skin feels refreshed, soft and balanced when you use Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion. Delightfully mild, you can’t help but be soothed by the purity of your naturally cleansed skin.

This stuff smells divine!! I was a little confused as to what it was--is it a cleanser? Or a lotion? Do I rinse it off? Or leave it on?? lol, I am very excited to try it out!

Pink Sugar Body Mousse

A soft mousse which captures the sweetness and sensuality of the Pink Sugar fragrance, leaving the skin long lastingly scented and soft.

I think it was last month I got the Pink Sugar perfume sample and FELL IN LOVE!!! It's been quite some time since I invested in a pricey perfume. For me, I've found that the more cheaper sprays from Bath and Body Works suited me just fine. But after having the Pink Sugar sample, I went to Ulta and bought the whole bottle! It is such a light, sweet smell. It's like cupcakes and cotton candy!! I'm like a walking sugar cane lol:) So I was super excited when I got to pick up the lotion mousse to try!!!
LaRocca Skincare
Cellular Gold Hydrating Body Balm

With an enriching blend of CupuaƧu butter, Shea butter and olive oil, this ultra-rich nourishing balm soothes and melts beautifully into the skin adding intense moisture lasting all day.

Directions: Scoop out with your fingers and massage into your skin, as often as desired. Best after bath.

I got a LaROCCA product in one of my first Beauty Army kits and I have been looking forward to trying some of their other awesome items! I've only used this a couple times since I got it, but it has a very fresh, fruity, kind of citrusy smell. But it is soooo soft and smooth! It is simply fabulous!

Lucy B
Pink Frangipani Eau De Parfum

Lucy B’s Pink Frangipani roll-on perfume oil is a tropical Australian beach scent that has top notes of pink grapefruit & pineapple with middle notes of red suva frangipani and bottom notes of heliotrope & coconut milk.It has the added benefit of the mood boosting natural Australian flower essences.

This is a really pretty, summery smell. It reminds me of walking on a tropical beach with the sun on my shoulders and the breeze blowing through my hair. I'm not in love with it, but I need to try it a little more to really see how it interacts with my body:)

Finally, Beauty Army is trying something new! There are products you can try for your man! I think this is a great idea, not just for the men in your life, but to even review some manly products! I understand most of my readers are female, but I know there are some men that also stumble upon my blog! So my last item in my Beauty Army kit for May is....

Sex Panther
Sex Panther Cologne is the most awesome cologne ever made in the history of the entire world. Scientifically engineered from space age petroleum distillates and animal byproducts. 60% of the time, it works every time.

Unleash your inner animal!

Sex Panther cologne lures you in with clean and refreshing top notes of fresh air accord and juniper while the heart of the fragrance centers around lavender and sensual musks. As the fragrance evolves it turns warmer as it envelopes you with masculine notes of cedar and sandalwood.

OMG. This stuff smells so unbelievably amazing!!! I have been unable to convince my man friend to try it out for me, and I'm wondering if I could test it myself and see what kind of reactions I'd get, but... we will see:)

So that's my May Beauty Army kit! But, as promised I wanted to tell you something about Beauty Army. You know I've been with them for a while now and my only complaint had ever been that it took too long to get the kit here! lol But that's more my impatience than anything;)

Last month I mentioned that each item wasn't individually wrapped--while I think that was something really special that they did, I don't think it's changed the quality of any of the products I receive. This month, the outside of the box changed. It used to have all kinds of beauty/makeup words all over the top--I thought that was so fun! Now it's just "Beauty Army" across the top. It definitely makes it more simple/sleek/classy/whatever, but I was sad and felt it took away some of the uniqueness.

You may be thinking, all right, Kristen, seems you're just complaining about them, can you get to the point? Well, the Lucy B. perfume in my kit this month--I was supposed to get two 1 oz samples. I got one. And it was a third of the way full. Almost like it had spilled out or something--though nothing was wet or smelly in the box. This made me very sad. :( So I emailed Beauty Army and just told them what happened. (here's where the story gets exciting) They responded to me in less than an hour (it was actually ELEVEN MINUTES) with an apology and told me that next month, send her a note to remind her and they'll let me pick an additional sample to make up for the loss! Thank you Beauty Army! I didn't expect anything from them (okay, maybe an apology lol) but I got way more than that!

I have always been impressed with how active Beauty Army is on Facebook and Twitter, but their customer service is seriously unsurpassed! Two thumbs up for Beauty Army! Thanks so much!!:)

How about you? What was in your kit this month? Have you had any experience with their customer service department? What company(ies) do you think have the best customer service??


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