Monday, July 2, 2012

geoGiRL Review: What Girls Are Saying

Hi Lovelies! You'll remember last week that I brought up a somewhat controversial topic about how young is too young for girls to start wearing makeup! I was excited to see so many of you have such strong opinions and be willing to share them!

Personally (keep in mind, I don't have any children of my own), I think that 10-12 is probably a good time to start introducing some makeup that is more than a little bit of lip gloss. I'm not saying have your little one go all Toddlers and Tiaras on you, but I think if she wants to use some for church or a dance or a night out with friends or something a little bit can be fun. When it comes to what kind of makeup, I'd definitely she rather have her own that I know is safe enough for her sensitive young skin than to use any of my "grown up makeup" that may have chemicals or something that might harm her face. (and p.s. I'd hate to have a younger girl "playing" with my makeup and then ruin some of my good stuff.)

I also think it's important to explain to girls WHY they are going to wear makeup. It's not to change who you are or to make you into someone else, but it is used to enhance your natural beauty and really accentuate the pretty features that you have. Do you have pretty eyes? Play them up! Do you have pouty lips? Put the focus on them! Sometimes makeup can be used to cover flaws (zits, scars, etc.) but it is sooo important to not cover up who you truly are! I think this may be easier to teach younger girls before they hit the stage where they hate everything about themselves.

Sooo having said all that, I think I'm pretty pleased with what geoGiRL has to offer. However, since it's aimed at girls from the ages of 8-12, I decided I'd need the thoughts of a real girl between those ages;) Enter Miss Abigail! I bought her a few of the products and she was kind enough to share her thoughts on the lipstick ($4.59), the eyeshadow ($4.29), and the blush ($5.39). Take it away, Abigail!

geoGiRL is a makeup for girls ages 8-12. The products look very natural, but have a tint of gloss! 

The lipstick "fruit punch" is a pinkish red color but looks really good on small lips.

Blush, my absolute favorite, is called "eco pink" but the cool thing is that it is a creme and not a powder
The eyeshadow "barely berry" was also a creme, but it dries a powder but I have to warn you it comes out very fast.
So every geoGiRL product I've tried was amazing and is an A+ in my books!

Just to give you an idea of how natural the makeup looks (so that you can see little girls won't look like trailer trash;) I took a picture of Miss Abigail before and after she put the makeup on!

So what do you think? Have you tried any of the geoGiRL products? Would you consider using them yourself of for some younger girl in your life?

P.S. A special thanks to Miss Abigail for helping me out with this post and for letting me use her pictures on my blog (with her mom's permission!:)

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