Friday, August 3, 2012

Flashback Friday: Olympics Memories

Hi Lovelies! I figured with the Olympics going on right now, it would be a great time to relive some of my past Olympic memories! I have now been alive for 12 of the Olympic games... I was only five during the 1988 ones, so I don't remember them; my first memories are of Kim Zmeskal and the 1992 Women's Gymnastics Team.
I had been in gymnastics myself for about four years, and all I wanted from my young life was to BE Kim Zmeskal. Whenever the gymnastics was on TV, I was in front of the TV watching, memorizing her every move. I dreamed that Bela Karoli would be my coach as I'd do flips and cartwheels in the backyard. I wrote her a letter (this was back in the olden days.. lol before you could just email or tweet celebrities lol). She was my first (and probably only) athlete obsession.

Four years later, the 1996 team came out. I was even more excited to love an entire team than just one gymnast! I'd been watching gymnastics throughout the years even before this Olympics and I knew all about the Dominques (Dawes and Moceanu) and Shannon Miller (who was everyone's favorite;) My heart broke when Kerri Strug landed wrong on the vault and Bela had to carry her off.... I felt like I knew these girls; they were ones I wanted to train with, compete with, and just hang out with.
I didn't pay much attention to the Olympics after that... I was busy working.. or whatever...  But as I watched the women's gymnastics qualifications this year, it reminded me of the summers I spent at my Grama's house; watching the girls I wished I could be... and it just felt good with those memories:) Plus, this year was the first year our women's team got gold SINCE the 1996 Magnificent Seven that I loved:)

For those of you wondering, it's been twenty years since the first Olympics I remembered. I have been out of gymnastics for a little more than sixteen years... I never made it to the Olympics... but I do "like" Kim Zmeskal's FB page. lol.

How about you?? Do you have any Olympics memories?? Any special athletes stand out to you??

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