Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sponsor Love: Sincerely Scent

Hi Lovelies! The summer between 6th and 7th grade, my BFF Cara and I decided to have a contest and see who could get the most pen-pals during the summer. This was... a number of years ago;)... and the internet was still a new-fangled thing that not everyone had on their home computers. This was still the age of the hand-written letter (and stamps were cheaper;) I wrote so many letters that year and got so many in return! How exciting it was to read a note written by a good friend in a far away land! (or from a few streets over;)

Anyway, as I got older, I started doing less and less of sending stuff to people. There's a million excuses why, but it makes things that I do send so much more special (and I really would want to send more stuff! But there's so much work to go and by a card, write it out, find a stamp, get it in the mailbox, etc etc. That's a lot of work!

So let me tell you about the new, super fabulous, greeting card! You may remember a few months ago, I introduced you to my Scentsy Consultant, Jennifer Baukus! (she's also my first Sponsor! So make sure to check out her page! You can also find her link at anytime in the top left of my toolbar).

Well, Jennifer sent me this adorable card congratulating me on my pregnancy! I absolutely adore it!

And not only is it a card, it also comes with a Scentsy Scent Spot! This little circle has nearly as much scent as one of their Scentsy Bars! If you leave the card out, the whole room will start to smell! (She sent me the Newborn Nursery sent; and I'm pretty sold that I actually do want this scent in the nursery. It's like a blend of baby powder and soft goodness!:)

But enough about that, you're probably wondering what makes the card so special. So let me tell you! Basically, you go to the website and you'll see that it's just like any e-card site. There are many card designs to choose from for a variety of occasions (birthday, holiday, thank you, etc.) You start by picking the card you want, then get to do all the design on the inside too! You can totally personalize it with text, pictures, fonts, etc. It's just like a homemade card minus all the cutting and gluing of scrapbook paper;)

It doesn't stop there! I have not even told you the best part! After your card is designed, then it's time for the envelope. You put in the address of where you want it to go, and THAT IS IT!! Scentsy sends it for you!! I'm not even kidding! No need to have a card sitting on your kitchen table forever 'cause you have no idea where your stamps are and no time to go to the post office to get some. They do it FOR YOU! For FREE!!!!! (well, shipping is included in the price of the card. So it's basically free;) AND! You can mail it ANYWHERE in the US, Canada, Guam, Canada, Puerto Rico, and APO/FPO mailing addresses!

It doesn't get much better than that! You can send one at a time like for someone's birthday or send ten at a time to announce the birth of a child! The opportunities are endless!

Now, you're probably thinking, okay Kristen, that's awesome, but seriously, how much does this cost? A card, WITH a Scentsy Scent Spot, totally personalized by ME, AND sent for free?? What does something like this cost?!?!?! (I was nervous about this too!) The truth is it is TOTALLY AFFORDABLE!

All you need to do is contact a Scentsy Consultant (might I recommend mine? She is pretty spectacular;) And you can buy credits for the cards. For the US pricing, you get 10 credits for $28.50; 25 credits for $71.00; and 100 credits for $285.00. (most cards are about one credit). Now, before you say, omg, that's so much! Take a second to think about it. Most mainstream card companies (Hallmark, American Greetings, etc.) are charging $3.99 or MORE for a single card--not written by YOU, no Scent Spot, and oh yeah, you still have to provide the stamp (how much are they these days anyway??;) So even with the smallest package, you are getting 10 cards EACH for $2.85 AND postage is included and all the other awesome Scentsy stuff! Why would you not at least try them? Impress your friends and families for any occasion or even just send a note to let them know you're thinking about them:)

Definitely check out the cards and see what you think! Don't forget, Jennifer sells more than just cards! Now is a good time to stock up on fall and holiday scents for your house! And it's never too early to start Christmas shopping!!

Disclaimer: I was sent the card and Sincerely Scent information for this review.

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