Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product

Hello Lovelies! If you're anything like I am, you probably have a drawer/cabinet/box full of hair products! Like, you just keep aquiring them and aren't quite sure how! You may not even know what they all do! You'll have a heat protector, a frizz destroyer, a leave-in conditioner, a straightener cream, etc. etc. (or maybe it's just me?;)

What if I told you that you could get rid of alllll those extra products for JUST ONE that would do everything that you need it to do? You'd think I'm crazy, right?

Well, Lovelies, I believe such a product does exist--It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product. (and they really do mean MIRACLE;)

Because I spent so much at Ulta last quarter, I got a lot of points to pick up from free stuff. I'd never heard of any It's a 10 products, but I loved the description. See, this is what it promises to do:

It's A 10 does 10 things instantly: 1. Repairs dry damaged hair. 2. Adds shine. 3. Smoothes and controls frizz. 4. Seals and protects hair color. 5. Detangles. 6. Prevents split ends. 7. Stops hair breakage. 8. Creates silkiness. 9. Enhances natural body. 10. Flat iron spray and thermal protector.

It's true! I don't know what they put in this little bottle, but it does sooo much for my hair! After showering, I spray some in and comb it through (yes! it detangles!) Then, if I'm wearing my hair curly/wavy, I'll put in some product and let it go (yes! It's less frizzy!) Or, if it's a straight day, I'll towel dry it for a bit before blow-drying and straightening (yes! My hair is protected!). My hair is colored and while my highlights are sadly becoming very grown out, spraying this still protects the color I have!

I could probably throw out 90% of the hair products I own since I now have "It's a 10"! Love love love it! And it smells so fresh and clean, too!:)

It's just under $20 at Walgreens (I can't see Ulta's price right now 'cause it's only sold at stores), and I know it can be found cheaper at some places (such as Amazon). Yes, it's a little pricey, but I would definitely pay for it because I am sooo pleased with the results and it saves me from buying three other similar products (a frizz-free spray, detangler, and heat-protectant spray)

Have you tried any products by It's a 10?? What do you think about it??:)

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