Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: Twistbands Skinny Headband

Hi Lovelies! I only vaguely wrote Twistbands a few months ago back or not. I received one in my May Birchbox and fell in  love almost as soon as I saw it. Before I tell you what it is (and how simply amazing it is!) let me give you a little background!

I love headbands! I have always loved headbands! It's one of the few hair accessories that doesn't care how long or how short your hair is--it works all the time! It can fix hair mistakes (growing out bangs, anyone?); it can add dazzle to an up-do (put a little bling in;); it can do almost anything!

But there's downsides to headbands too. Some will start to hurt behind my hears. Some slide around too much. Some are so tight that I think my brain starts to ache. Is there no such thing as a PERFECT HEADBAND???

Then, Birchbox sent me a Twistband. It was yellow, and I don't have a lot of yellow clothes (ah, cool skin tones); but I wanted to try it out so bad, I wore it anyway. I wore it and fell in love! The Twistband is basically a stretchy elastic (kinda like what regular hair bands/pony tail holders are made of) but their bigger and more head sized. There's no teeth, no sharp parts, nothing to cause any pain. Looking at them, you may think "Oh, that couldn't possibly stay in my hair!" BUT IT DOES!!! For long periods of time! (at least in my hair).

So, when Birchbox offered free shipping on a bunch of different stuff, and I had some points to use, I decided to invest in the whole collection of Twistbands.  There are six of them all in different colors and they come put together on a little clasping ring thing. I love them all!

Have you tried any Twistband products? What did you think? What are your favorite headbands?

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