Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friendship Series: Part 2 Finding Friends

I started the "Friendship Series" to kinda go a little deeper into how we make friends, how we keep friends, what happens when we lose friends or move on, etc. I didn't write about it last weekend because ironically enough I was actually busy all weekend with friends. lol.

So back to it today! As I've mentioned before, it was so much easier making friends when we were younger because eligible people were just everywhere! In the neighborhood, in the classroom, at the soccer field (or whatever sport or activity you were in:), in the dorms, at girl scouts (I never was one, but I hear that's a good way to make friends, too), etc. Then when you get older, especially if you move or start a new job, it's harder to find people that would make good friends.

Some people say if you hang out places you like being, you will find people who also like those places. In theory a great idea. So you go to coffee shops... book stores... makeup stores.. wherever. But what then? You don't just walk up to some girl and say, "Hi! Would you like to be my friend?" Then you just seem like a crazy person.

Making friends is harder than dating.

Now, before I share with you my secret to finding friends, let us take a moment to hear from someone else who was trying to make friends. Have you ever watched the "Big Bang Theory"? (if so, you're even more wonderful than I thought you were. If  not, are you crazy??? It's like the best TV show IN THE WORLD.) Anyway, little secret, I am totally in love with Sheldon Cooper. I think he is the most adorable thing ever. And honestly? I'd probably be in love with Jim Parsons, too. There is just something so endearing about cute, smart, kinda nerdy boys. They intrigue me. (had I realized this back during my sophomore year of college, I wouldn't have been so horrible to Reid Kornman.) But enough babbling, the point is, Sheldon was at a loss as to how to make friends. This video shows what happened when he went to learn how (sorry! I can't embed it, but I promise if you click the link, it will be two and a half minutes well spent:)

So what can be gleamed from the video? (other than it is really weird to talk to complete strangers in a public place trying to make friends??) We're not the only ones that have a hard time!
a bunch of my girl friends from Virginia

As promised, here is my secret. Yes, I make friends online. But I promise it's not a loser thing to do! It's not like some creepy online dating site, basically Meetup is full of different groups centered on common interests or hobbies. There's different outings/activities that the groups have and you can go to as many or as few as you like!

This is practically the only way I make friends anymore. You're not going to like every person you meet, and you may not find a BFF right away. But I promise, it's a super simple, easy way, to get out, get involved, and find people that are like you:)

I've been gone from Virginia for almost a year and a half now, and some of those girls are still my very closest friends.

Now what about you? How do you make friends when you're in a new place? Where did you meet the friends that you have now?

**all pictures on this post are courtesy of Melissa Arlena Photography -- my favorite photographer in the world:) You can see more of the pix from the Crazy Booth session of my going away party on her blog**


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