Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Influenster VoxBox Follow up!

Hi Lovelies, some of you might remember that I received my very first Influesnter VoxBox last month (yay). Sadly, I've felt like such a slacker when it comes to being a good Influenster. I've seen people like mattabellax3 blogging all the time about all the stuff she's tried. And then there's me... *sigh* But! I'm doing it now, so better late than never right?? ;)

I just want to kind of hit the highlights and lowlights of what I loved, what I hated, and overall what I thought about the products in my box!

The Bath and Body Works fragrance mist. OH EM GEE. First of all, I got Sweet Pea which is an amazingly classic scent from B&BW. I wore it every summer towards the end of high school and early college. It's just a fun spring/summer scent. Sweet.. kinda flowery.. kinda fruity.. Anyway, this fragrance mist is amazing! It's a very light spray so it's not overpowering at all. I was afraid it wouldn't last very long because it's so light, but the truth is that it seemed to stay with me most (if not all) of the day. The bottle is so fun! It really looks like a more expensive perfume. I used it every day since I got it (only recently phased it out this week to go back to some other scents) and it's only gone down maybe 1/4''. So this bottle will last forever! (exaggeration;) lol. I would definitely purchase again; and I probably will get a few other scents.

SheerCover Concealer. Wow. I was really nervous when I got this. I thought it was going to be too much, too heavy, too cakey, etc. It was so soft and so smooth! I used it on dark circles under my eyes, red areas around my nose, zits on my chin... It worked EVERYWHERE. It just blended and looked like my natural skin color no matter where I put it! This is like a magical concealer. Love it! I had never heard of SheerCover before; I have since seen one of their commercials, and I'm actually quite curious in the brand now and other products they have to offer. So thanks, VoxBox!:)

Soyjoy. *gag* It's nothing against the Soyjoy people, I'm really excited about how nutritious and health conscious their products are, but the bar was gross to me. It had the consistency kind of like a fig newton (which I hate)... and it was kind of dry.. but not dry and crunchy like biscotti... just... dry... but heavy.. if that makes sense. Will not purchase again. Sorry:(

Dr. Scholl's Ball of Foot Cushion. Not gonna lie, I have purchased and used these before. I love the concept of them. I love how they're supposed to work. I love the color, the feel, the texture, etc. Maybe I just have bad balls lol, but my feet don't feel much different after using them. I used them in two different pairs of heels (and that was part of the problem. They're "removable" but when you "remove" them, they never seem to stick as well to the next pair). I will say, I decided to try an experiment and put one in my left foot but not my right foot. There was a little less pain in my right foot, but not a whole lot for me to notice--almost like, was there only less pain 'cause I was telling myself there should be?

Other thoughts:
I really enjoyed the Chapstick LipShield 365. I used it several times outside as well as a day at the beach. My lips are not burnt:) I love that it's an all season chapstick... for sun and wind protection. I'd definitely purchase again and even use as a regular balm under other lip colors.
The Aveeno shower gel had an amazing smell! Like fresh soap! I can't place if it smells like Ivory.. or Dial.. or whatever, but it reminded me of my mom when I was growing up. The lather was pretty good.. not as creamy as I thought it would've been, but I felt very clean after using it. I probably won't replace my other shower gels with it, but I enjoyed testing it.

And there you have it! Some thoughts on what I received! I'm sure Influenster hates me for not being very influential so we'll see if I ever get another VoxBox;) lol

Did you get a VoxBox? What did you think of the contents?
Disclaimer: I received each product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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