Monday, November 26, 2012

Battle of the BB Creams: Garnier

Hi Lovelies! Time for another rousing adventure of the Battle of the BB Creams!!! [insert ominous or gladiator type music here.] I've gotta tell you that I had really been putting off trying the Garnier one. While normally, I'm a *huge* fan or Garnier products (honestly, I have so much hair stuff by them it's a little overwhelming!) but I had heard a lot of negative reviews on this specific BB Cream. It's too greasy; it smells funny; it doesn't work... on and on. But, for you, my loyal friends and readers, I marched on and bought it anyway. (Though for nearly $14 at Walgreens, I definitely  had to really push myself to do it!)

I've been using it for a little more than two weeks now, so I've figured out how it works with my skin and all that jazz and I'm ready to review! To start with, Garnier claims that their product offers "instant perfection" and an "all-in-one-miracle, that's a pretty big claim! They go on to say that
"1 Application Provides 5 Instant Results:
  • evens tone
  • hydrates
  • renews
  • protects
  • brightens
So, before I work through all of these claims, let me share some pix and first impressions with you!

 Here it is first just dabbed onto my inner arm. (I know it's not a perfect comparison to my face, but it's a helpful way to show my natural skin tone and how products interact with it)

From there, I took a picture of just after I started rubbing it in. You can see that even though I got the "Light/Medium" shade (the lightest one they have) it still is dark and looks kinda yellow on my delicately fair skin (that's a  nicer way than saying "my pathetically pale skin" lol;)

The final picture shows it completely blended in. As you can see in the corners where my natural skin shows, it's still a bit darker than I'd like.

I was so upset after buying it! I thought, great, I'm not even going to be able to review it since it'll just make my skin look totally jaundiced! Au contraire, my lovelies! Not true at all!

As I stated previously, my arm is not a perfect match to my face. When I put it on my face and blended it was nearly a perfect match! It honestly made my skin look "flawless!" It definitely evened out my tone--not completely my under eye circles, but definitely my rosy cheeks. It's super moistuizing and hydrated my face completely. I know this is the issue a lot of girls have because it "hydrates" too much leaving them with a greasy feeling. For my combination skin, it was just the right amount! No greasiness at all during the day. I'm not sure I can totally say it renews... my skin feels softer, but I'm not sure it's actually "renewed." It protects definitely! It has a 15 SPF which while not the highest for you, it's definitely a good protection to start! I love that it has the sunscreen already included! Lastly, does it brighten? As opposed to does it dull? lol yes, it does brighten! I'm not saying my face glows or anything with it, but it definitely gives me a fresh, dewy face which I actually really enjoy!

Final verdict? While a little more expensive than the previous contenders in the Battle (L'oreal and Maybelline), it also offers more product so I think the unit price is actually less. The smell does bother me a bit, but it wears off shortly application so that's not a huge downside to me anymore. At this point, I'd honestly say it's in the lead! But! I have another BB Cream I'm going to start testing shortly so we'll have to see if Garnier can hold the top spot!!

I still haven't tried any of the Asian BB Creams, which I *know* everyone says is better. What's your favorite BB Cream??

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