Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Wonderland Nails

Hi Lovelies! Can you believe it's less than a week to Christmas!! It's especially hard for me to believe since it's still 80 degrees here during the day! I do love Florida, but I'm missing a little wintery weather. So! I've decided to make it snow on my nails!

I posted this picture to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter the other night and people seemed to really enjoy it, so I wanted to share with you how I did it!

First, this is a shirt that I got at Target probably four or five years ago--it is one of my favorite T-shirts that can really only be worn during the Christmas/winter season (because who wears snowflakes other times of the year??;) [sadly, thanks to the baby in my belly, I can't wear it this year:(]
This was the inspiration for my nails! I'm not sure why blue seems like such a "cold" color, but it does hahah!
First, is my favorite base coat!

Then two coats of Sinful Colors Cinderella--this is a really soft, baby blue, with light sparkle to it (one of my faves) and a coat of China Glaze Luxe and Lush from the Hunger Games. This polish has some chunky sparkles in that are multi-colored and kinda change color depending on the lighting.
With my Konad white polish and stamping set, I used Shany plate 17 which has a big snowflake right in the middle of it and tried to center the snowflake on each nail.

Once it dried, I used another coat of Luxe and Lush (this helped add additional dimension to my nails so it really looks like how snowflakes glisten in the sunlight when they fall:) And finished with Seche Vite top coat.
Sadly, I waited 'til late at night to take additional pictures and didn't use the flash so the quality isn't as good as I'd like and it definitely doesn't show just how amazing my nails look! So take this for now, and I'm going to try to get better (outside!) pix soon to post more!!

So what do you think? What special manis have you done for the holidays??:)

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